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ALLI Realty, LLP., d/b/a
Alexander & Company
840 Cumberland Hill Rd
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Phone 401-769-4333







Alexander Biliouris SFR

Principal Broker, Partner

840 Cumberland Hill Rd
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Phone 401-769-4333
Cell 401-529-6300

2012 Five Star Professional Award Winner Click Here

The next time you want to hire a real estate agent,

Ask them the following 35 questions.

  1. Have you been in the real estate business for over 25 years?

  2. Have you designed and built your own home?

  3. Have you ever developed a residential subdivision?

  4. Have you ever developed a commercial property?

  5. Have you ever negotiated a residential or commercial lease or rental agreement?

  6. Have you ever been involved in the sale and acquisition of any business opportunity?

  7. Have you ever been involved in the sale, acquisition or leasing of any property involving National or International companies?

  8. Have you ever managed multiple businesses at one time?

  9. Have you ever managed any residential properties?

  10. Have you ever managed any commercial properties?

  11. Have you ever created a marketing plan that got the attention of any major news agency?

  12. Have you ever converted any residential property to condominiums?

  13. Are you a designated SFR (Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Specialist)?

  14. Have you ever served on a planning board?

  15. Have you ever served on any state Economic Development Agency?

  16. Did you ever chair your community’s budget committee and do you understand how a city or Town’s budget impact’s our property taxes and overall property values?

  17. Have you ever exchanged real property under the IRS rules governing like Asset Exchanges?

  18. Do you know the proper way to negotiate an offer to purchase contract?

  19. Do you know how to use a self directed IRA to invest in Real Estate?

  20. Have you been recognized by The Small Business Administration for promoting the welfare of small business?

  21. Do you have hundreds of hours of study in the areas of Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisal?

  22. Have you ever been through and survived a down Real Estate market?

  23. Have you ever served on the executive board of a condominium association?

  24. Have you managed and advised a condominium association?

  25. Do you invest in real estate?

  26. Have you made money investing in real estate?

  27. Do you know how to calculate the real rate of return of an investment property?

  28. Would you advise me to walk away from a transaction if it wasn’t suitable for me?

  29. Do you consider me to be a lifelong client?

  30. Do you know the three critical elements necessary to insure the success of any real estate transaction?

  31. Have you ever successfully appealed a property tax assessment?

  32. Have you ever served as council president in your local city or town?

  33. Do you know how many different values a multi-family property has?

  34. Can I call you for advice, even if I’m not in the middle of a transaction with you?

  35. Will you consider the highest and best use of my property before estimating its value?

If they can’t answer yes to every one of these questions, then they don’t have the level of experience necessary to insure a smooth, hassle free and successful transaction.

If you want more than a sales person and want a professional with the skills and knowledge that will guide you and produce results…then you need Alex Biliouris of NextMoveRealty!

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